Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pray for Japan V: Movie "Gaia Symphony I"

My daughters Hana (4) and Maya (1) waiting for the movie to start.
In front of them is the poster I made.
Highly acclaimed Japanese documentary "Gaia Symphony" was screened at Japanese Supplementary School of Houston on April 30th.  Close to 80 people gathered and watched the movie. Many said they would like to see the other 6 sequels in the future,  hoping family members and more people would join them.   My dear friend Akiko, organizer of this event and her husband's rare set of DVDs of this documentary made it possible.  They are amazing friends to me and their passion to spread the message "Gaia(the Earth)" has moved me in so many ways.
 Great support  from the headmaster Mr. Nakashima and Takada-san, and always super Sugar Land friends.