Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pray for Japan V: Movie "Gaia Symphony I"

My daughters Hana (4) and Maya (1) waiting for the movie to start.
In front of them is the poster I made.
Highly acclaimed Japanese documentary "Gaia Symphony" was screened at Japanese Supplementary School of Houston on April 30th.  Close to 80 people gathered and watched the movie. Many said they would like to see the other 6 sequels in the future,  hoping family members and more people would join them.   My dear friend Akiko, organizer of this event and her husband's rare set of DVDs of this documentary made it possible.  They are amazing friends to me and their passion to spread the message "Gaia(the Earth)" has moved me in so many ways.
 Great support  from the headmaster Mr. Nakashima and Takada-san, and always super Sugar Land friends.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pray for Japan IV: Ema's artwork sale

My oldest daughter Ema, 8 years old

"Pink Lily" by Ema Sunada
(Water colour and pastel)

As I was helping out Noriko and Mitsuko's craft sale, Ema asked me if she could do something to help.  We had my mother in-law and sister in-law visiting us at that time (they were fortunate not being in Japan when the earthquake hit. ) and I asked them to make chopstick pouches for the sale.  I thought she could help them with this but it required such delicate work that Ema told me she would rather paint and sell. 

 As soon as she said it,  she started scribbling on the back of a small paper which was a handout from school.  I told her if she wanted to sell a painting, we got to do it right.  So I took out a flower vase and set up stuff for painting.  Of course the 2 little ones wanted to join their big sister so it became a huge business and mess. 

 Girls were having fun and I made sure to check on Ema from time to time, encouraging her to stay focus on the flower, its delicate petals and colors.  After the paint was dry, I suggested adding pastel and showed her how to do it, and I think that was the only part I touched.  The painting came out absolutely beautiful.

 Even though the picture priced $30 wasn't sold at the sale event, Ema's teacher who knew her small project bought her artwork for $100!  What a wonderful gift not only for the people in the disaster area in Japan but also for this young soul.  This experience gave her a great sense of accomplishment and confidence that she can make a difference in the world.  Thank you so much, wonderful Ms. M.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pray for Japan III: Brown Rice Veggie Sushi

3 kinds of sushi; regular roll, hand roll, and gunkan maki

Some of my friends have been asking me for a while to show them how to make sushi. 

Here comes the perfect opportunity, and I thought "I will do this! "

I loved every minute of preparation and actually enjoyed the teaching part of it.   Thanks to my friends,  I have learned a lot myself.

 Cooking and teaching how to cook are completely different things.  I don't measure.  Oh- oh.  I use electric rice cooker most of the time.  Oh-oh.

  Before this event, I had cooked brown rice in my Le Creuset pot at least 7 times as I adjust water and heat.  I have to be convincing, don't I?

 I wanted my wonderful and generous participants to go home confident that they can do it with what they have at home. 

Also I tried finding the right ingredients and did a lot of experiments.  I made sure that everything we used are found at our local store. 

 We made 3 types of Kind to the Earth, Brown Rice Veggie Sushi.   It was so much fun, conversation going everywhere as we cook, eat and enjoy new found friendship. 

Proceed from this 3 hour event is $465!!!! (went to Global Giving Foundation as Japan Tsunami Relief Fund) 

 Some ladies wanted to join but they couldn't make it. Do you know what they did?  They still send me checks. I am so touched. Thank you. Thank you.

Grape Kanten for dessert

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pray for Japan II: Charity Sale

Akiko-san and baked delights by Sugar Land neighbors

 2 days Crafts sale at my friend Noriko's house.  Contribution from so many people and the proceed ($2164.75) went to Japan Red Cross through Japan Business Association of Houston.
  It was also a great opportunity to meet new friends.  Hope to see many of you in the upcoming events!

Japanese items were donated by many people

Chopstick pouch made with origami paper.
My mother in-law and sister in-law spent long time
making these by hand for this event.

Beautiful jewelries made by Mitsuko-san and Noriko-san.
Major contribution to the sales

More of Mitsuko and Noriko's accessories


Ikebana flowers by children. Vase are made of plastic bottles.

Cheerful cashiers: Makiko-san and Ritsuko-san