Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pray for Japan III: Brown Rice Veggie Sushi

3 kinds of sushi; regular roll, hand roll, and gunkan maki

Some of my friends have been asking me for a while to show them how to make sushi. 

Here comes the perfect opportunity, and I thought "I will do this! "

I loved every minute of preparation and actually enjoyed the teaching part of it.   Thanks to my friends,  I have learned a lot myself.

 Cooking and teaching how to cook are completely different things.  I don't measure.  Oh- oh.  I use electric rice cooker most of the time.  Oh-oh.

  Before this event, I had cooked brown rice in my Le Creuset pot at least 7 times as I adjust water and heat.  I have to be convincing, don't I?

 I wanted my wonderful and generous participants to go home confident that they can do it with what they have at home. 

Also I tried finding the right ingredients and did a lot of experiments.  I made sure that everything we used are found at our local store. 

 We made 3 types of Kind to the Earth, Brown Rice Veggie Sushi.   It was so much fun, conversation going everywhere as we cook, eat and enjoy new found friendship. 

Proceed from this 3 hour event is $465!!!! (went to Global Giving Foundation as Japan Tsunami Relief Fund) 

 Some ladies wanted to join but they couldn't make it. Do you know what they did?  They still send me checks. I am so touched. Thank you. Thank you.

Grape Kanten for dessert