Friday, April 8, 2011

Pray for Japan II: Charity Sale

Akiko-san and baked delights by Sugar Land neighbors

 2 days Crafts sale at my friend Noriko's house.  Contribution from so many people and the proceed ($2164.75) went to Japan Red Cross through Japan Business Association of Houston.
  It was also a great opportunity to meet new friends.  Hope to see many of you in the upcoming events!

Japanese items were donated by many people

Chopstick pouch made with origami paper.
My mother in-law and sister in-law spent long time
making these by hand for this event.

Beautiful jewelries made by Mitsuko-san and Noriko-san.
Major contribution to the sales

More of Mitsuko and Noriko's accessories


Ikebana flowers by children. Vase are made of plastic bottles.

Cheerful cashiers: Makiko-san and Ritsuko-san