Sugar Land CSA group

Member picking up vegetables

There are currently 12 people in our group. 

Every Thursday one of us goes to Jewish Community Center Houston to pick up 8 full shares of vegetables from HomeSweetFarm. 

Then this person drops all the vegetables at my place where everyone comes from 5:30PM to 9:00PM to bring home their share.

At this moment,
-4 of us are receiving full share: 6 to 7 kinds of vegetables every week.
-8 of us are receiving half share: 6 to 7 kinds of vegetables every other week. 

I made a schedule for everyone to see and make sure there's no complication about the pick-up date.  It is working quite well. 

Since most us are new to CSA, just having vegetables every other week seems less stressful for them, especially when you don't know how to cook the vegetables you receive.  But taking part in something good for our community, environment and future is fulfilling.
On top of that,  you can do this all in your own kitchen.  Isn't that amazing?

We are hoping more people will join us,  so in the future, farmers can drop veggies at my house.  Most us are mothers with young kids and delivering vegetables from JCC is a lot of work.  I am also looking for someone to take over the hosting job when I go back to Japan.

I am getting full share every week and in our family, it is not enough.  I buy fruits and vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, parsley... those stables) at Whole Foods and get burdock, lotus root, etc. at Asian food store.  I guess being 98 % vegan, we eat a whole lot more of vegetables than most people.

We receive variety of vegetables every week.  I myself encountered some that I had never cooked (green tomato) but I take it as a challenge and really enjoy.  In this age we live in, there are so much resources and recipes out there.  They are only a few googlings away,  so don't worry and join us!

But if you are still not sure because you are not a cook, I do recommend to invest in a great juicer.  

That way, you can juice any vegetables in case you don't know what to do.  Well, to drink the greens,  just add oranges and apples.  Our family recently started drinking fresh veg/fruit juice every morning.  And oh my, how much vegetables and fruits we need!  I put a lot of carrots, kale, parsley, lemon, orange and apple.  Sometimes I add some beet too.  What a wonderful way to start a day!