Why 98% vegan?

 I vividly remember, I must have been a tween at that time, as I was looking at my piano I no longer play that I truly wanted to become a vegetarian

It's not that I was influenced by somebody or books.  It just felt it was the right thing to do.  But I couldn't imagine how.  So, my initial plan back then was 'to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, and when kids are out of house and I have more time for myself, I would be a vegetarian.'  I roughly estimated the age around 50.

 Many years passed by.  I went to college, had a great career, got married and just had my second baby.  Then my husband was transferred to the US.

 I enjoy cooking everyday for my family and for my friends as well. 
We have always someone over in our house and cooking without meat, fish, egg or dairy seems impossible but there's no one we know in TX!  Great!  I can be a vegetarian now. 

The old memory and the goal I set came back to me and I seized my chance.  I put my feet on the plane to the US and since then, I haven't touched any meat or fish.

 The person affected most by my 'sudden change' would be my husband
 A little before we were informed of the transfer, I was taking a corresponding course to become a vegetable instructor (yes, there's a such thing...)
 I had to submit a final project at the end of the course and I decided to write an essay to my husband. It was about what I'd learned, and how I cook every meal with my heart for my dearest family while thanking our planet and its future in my mind. 

The essay must have impressed him more than I imagined, so when I told him I would no longer cook meat or fish, he simply said "I understand."  Yeah!!!

 With all the business lunch and dinner he has, he says being a vegetarian at home does his health good.  Though occasional complaints do occur especially during holiday seasons.  But I enjoy so much exploring new recipes for vegan feasts that his requests are shunned.

He is my wonderful supporter, though.  Thank God.

 It took me a while to get used to finding the stuff I can eat outside house or cook vegetarian meals.  But time helps.  I had a commitment of lifetime and I felt like laughing and screaming because was so happy that finally I became a vegetarian.

 This past 4 years, I have bought eggs 5 times.  Cheese? more often than eggs. 

Glancing at the back of vegan cheese and reading ingredients, I thought, it didn't worth spending money.  I would rather have my kids enjoy real organic cheese than 'processed' vegan ones. 

98% of the time,  I am a vegan.  But delicious sweets from friends and sometimes store bought cake and cookies visit our house.  That's fine.  I want to be grateful for the food we receive than complain that they are not vegan.

 Many people in US seem to became vegetarian from their love toward animals and their rights. 

Well, in my case, should say 'spritual?'

  I just don't want to take the life of others in order for me to live.  I think it has a lot to do with my view about karma.  Every time kids find spiders and all sorts of bugs in our house, they call me and I gladly take them outside.  Roaches?  Well, that's daddy's work:)
  Ideally, being a vegetarian is an animal friendly deed.  But I keep in mind to stay humble that even though we  don't eat them, we still affect lives of numerous creatures around us every single day.