Friday, April 29, 2011

Pray for Japan IV: Ema's artwork sale

My oldest daughter Ema, 8 years old

"Pink Lily" by Ema Sunada
(Water colour and pastel)

As I was helping out Noriko and Mitsuko's craft sale, Ema asked me if she could do something to help.  We had my mother in-law and sister in-law visiting us at that time (they were fortunate not being in Japan when the earthquake hit. ) and I asked them to make chopstick pouches for the sale.  I thought she could help them with this but it required such delicate work that Ema told me she would rather paint and sell. 

 As soon as she said it,  she started scribbling on the back of a small paper which was a handout from school.  I told her if she wanted to sell a painting, we got to do it right.  So I took out a flower vase and set up stuff for painting.  Of course the 2 little ones wanted to join their big sister so it became a huge business and mess. 

 Girls were having fun and I made sure to check on Ema from time to time, encouraging her to stay focus on the flower, its delicate petals and colors.  After the paint was dry, I suggested adding pastel and showed her how to do it, and I think that was the only part I touched.  The painting came out absolutely beautiful.

 Even though the picture priced $30 wasn't sold at the sale event, Ema's teacher who knew her small project bought her artwork for $100!  What a wonderful gift not only for the people in the disaster area in Japan but also for this young soul.  This experience gave her a great sense of accomplishment and confidence that she can make a difference in the world.  Thank you so much, wonderful Ms. M.